Discovery of Newly Revealed Treasure – Baked porcelain Seal


I am pleased to be able to inform every researcher concernecd with Chinese history,

museums, art galleries and mass communication in the whole world.

I, Mr. Takagi Kensou, with the Pen Name “Heisei Joutei”, have discovered this

Treasuere, the Sacred Seal, Treasuere “Taikyoku,” that is the greatest treasure of

Chinese 4,000 years, which can make us rewrite the history of Han.

This is not a “ fiction,” I assure.

I, at last, discovered this sacred treasureTaikyoku of Chinese Tang Dynasty of 1,300

years ago. And made  clear its actual and conclusive existense as well as its meanings

after I sincerely examined it ten years. And it is here in my hand!

Let me show it to you here how & what it is like.  It was once composed in a poem by a

famous poet of that age and has been hidden in the dark in the 1,300 year long history  

till now since its original firing.

The photograph shown here is it! – the incredibly high qualified ceramic Seal – the

Sacred Treasure “Taikyoku.”  This Seal was made with its material & was curved and

then was fired to be into a miraculously completed Seal under the emperor Gensou’s

decree, taking 30 years in the years of His age, Tang.

Even today it remains “impossible” to bake it as it is.

The pedestal, on which an image of “lion” stands, has the sizes of 47mm x 47mm x

70mm without even 1mm’s error margin and has no cavity at all within its inside.

How can you make or find any other things precisely planned & precisely burnt by

natureal thermalfire on the earth?

When it was completed as a baked seal, the name “Heaven Treasure” was adopted.

Moreover, I can state that in the era of Emperor Gensou, the treasure is the most

powerful ruling seal and in its poem, the miracle of Taikyoku is enshrined.

The nine characteristics carved on the sealing front side mean the devine words.  And,

the idea of the symbol of “Lion” and its culture came originally from the image of this

traditional white Lion “Hakutaku” on this pedestal.

We have to understand that the appearance of this miraculous Sacred Treasure should

force to revise basically all the histories of Tang Era, Taoism, pottery &

porcelain/ceramics, seals & lion-culture as well as Chinese characters and all the other

fields of Han China.

Today,, in spite of my sincere private information beforehand, lots of Japanese

representing specialists on china & pocelain and historians on Han Chinese Culture,

and Japan Taoism Academy seem to have been struck dumb with astonishment and

they haven’t yet answered me back even after a couple of year-long-interval, except a


Again, this is not a fiction but the shocking fact!

Why don’t you access to my address below so that you’ll surely find yourself in the

completely new and correct Asian world!  Let’s open the correct world together for the

benefit of the so-called specialists as well as young academic learners and the peoples of

today and future.  The key to open it stays in my hand!

                            Concluded for now.  Thank you.   Heisei Shoutei