A Real Must!

The history of the classical china be overturned from the root !

Treasure of 4,000 years of china discovered destined with strange fate !

One of the Sacred Treasures of the sovereign “Tai-chi (Taikyoku)

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Dear sir,

I hasten to inform you that the real treasure in the history of 4,000 years of China has been discovered and elucidated now !


”Japanese Taoism society”- the biggest authoritative learned society on it has completely remained silent in surprise without any reaction to me . and given no arguments till to gay  This really is such a miraculous discovery of “treasure” !

But . my discovery and study are supported by late Mr. Daizo kusayanagi . the representative of Japanese intellects . as well as the owner of Kyoto Fujii Yuhrinkan . the world wide famous collector of Chinese industrial arts . and other scholars and masters .

This is not fiction !

This treasure ,Treasure of tresures, is the sacred treasure of Tang Dynasty , when where it was burnt and produced as a sovereign proof under the authority and ordinance of that well-known “Gen-sou”(AD685-762) the 6th Emperor of Tou Era(AD618-907) . It is said to have spent more than 30 years to complete it and that the Emperor renewed the name of his reigning years as “Ten-Pou.” ? Universal Treasure , literally meaning , ? as a commemoration of the successful burning of the porcelain seal

It was forced to be stolen and then disappeared in the historical darkness during the serious disturbance caused by AnRoku-zon(in755) but its  legendary story has not been forgotten .

Strange . and fatally to say it now is in my hands !

this discovery of this “Treasure” reveals all the studies and reports of the Chinese histories of Tou . Taoism . porcelain . ceramics pottery and earthenware as well as Chinese ethnology and imperial culture and others to be rewritten !

That’s what I mean as “Overturned from the roots”. Again . That’s the discovery of the very lost Treasure !

I’ve spent for it’s solution and explanation 10 years . which meant 40,000 hours . and displayed every report in my Home Page . “Treasure of treasures“.the Royal seal with the image of Lion , is a ceramics product . If master craftsmen of the world get together to try to make the same thing in the ancient way of burning , the sum of money for it should be more than that of Appolo 11th project . We could not but expect another miracle for its reproduction.

I have dispatched this e-mail to the world . too !

Thanks for reading . 2005/June 16th author : Heisei-shotei